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“The Commuter” is an exciting, if implausible, action-mystery movie that reinforces Liam Neeson’s credentials as the most indestructible of senior citizens. Despite plot holes big enough—and, pardon the phrase—“to drive a train through”, this commute is never less than interesting, and often exceptionally entertaining. Though it derails near the end as it tries to tie up all the loose story ends, overall it’s a nifty genre film that is served very well by the big screen. A technically impressive film, with fine performances, taut direction, and high production values; but, in need of a better script.

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Master of None could be described as a cross between Extras and Louis, but Aziz Ansari's show quickly finds and establishes its own voice. Much like Louis the show isn't a conventional sit-com and is able to successfully jump from humorous scenes to more serious ones thanks to a good cast (I thought Noel Wells was particularly good as Rachel) and some smart writing. 

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It is a series of great quality, both in terms of ambience of the seventies and regarding the characterization of the characters.

What is most striking, however, being a production by David Fincher is that I think it has more documentary than fiction, the intense interviews that are made to psychopaths and serial killers in their prisons, or at least gives preference to such interviews instead of the action itself, as happened in the great movie that is Zodiaz.

Even so, with everything and with that, it is highly recommended to see.

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Totally agree. Highly recommended!
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Debut for its director Jameson Brooks, Bomb City is a film based on a real life event about the murder in Texas of a young punk of 19 years old who was deliberately run over by a young 17-year-old jock. The tensions that existed between both groups was too palpable and although the events occurred in 1997 its theme without a doubt remains relevant to the climate of social division that currently exists in the United States.

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A Quiet Place is a breath of fresh air. This isn't your average thriller, but rather a smart and well executed film. From the very beginning you are placed into this world and feel as if you are with this family. You want to be just as silent as they are being for fear of what might happen. There is no wasted scene in the film as every moment give more context to what's happening in the world. This is a very personal story about one family and what they need to do in order to survive. The world building is very well done and interesting and the characters are fantastically written and acted. There is no weak link in the case. John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are perfect in their roles. The kids are also fantastic, with Millicent Simmonds being a standout. The film builds tension in such a great way and leads to a great climax. John Krasinski has put himself back on the map with this film and I can't wait to see what he does next.

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Muy buena pelicula
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Decent comedy film. It's funny for the most part but uses the type of obvious unfunny American film comedy humor a little too often. The plot feels like its an endless cycle of setups and payoffs for mostly inconsequential jokes and it gets a little labored but the actual story is fairly decent. The biggest issue though is that the filmmaking is incredibly flat and bland, with the editing choices especially towards the beginning of the film being a little awkward. It's not a bad experience overall though.

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Jessica Jones season 2 is a welcome return for the character. After the past few seasons of other Marvel shows such as Iron Fist and The Defenders, I was worried that we had seen the best of the Netflix Marvel shows. Luckily, season 2 of Jessica Jones shows that we can still get some solid writing and story from them. While nowhere near as good as season 1, Jessica Jones season 2 still has a lot to be excited about. Krysten Ritter is still a perfect Jessica. She plays the character to perfection and steals many scenes she's in. One thing this season does is it makes you care about Jessica in a way you haven't before. Seeing what happens to her and how it shaped her as a person helps us understand her and why she is the way she is. The season does take a little bit of time to get going but once the main conflict appears the show doesn't stop. I'm excited to see where they take Jessica Jones next.

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20 days

Exactly what it says it is, the same as the first one but bigger. You don't go to see a film like this expecting a strong narrative and relatable characters, you see it for huge robots fighting huge aliens, and this is where it delivers. Was great in 3D.

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Ready Player One is without a doubt one of the best movies of the year, for the very reason that it stands out from the crowd. I could’ve not been more entertained when watching this film, there are next to zero sluggish moments and parts will you will turn your head way. Although the casting could have been better, this movie still has parts where you will go “wow” that’s some really good acting. But apart from that, Ready Player One is absolutely beautiful because of the gorgeous CGI this movie has to offer. The Story (the most important aspect) is very well thought out, but with that comes some confusion and parts that will have you maybe asking your friend what’s going on; other than that: the story is very good and very fun. “Ready Player One” would fall under the “Amazing” category.

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29 days

When a thin line drawn between the two concepts.

It is hard to describe this film. A challenging film to make as well. Not like an expensive film with huge cast and graphics. It's a simple drama, a drama that draws a line between two different theories the humans have adapted and followed in the present world. So when a film drags religious as its prime topic, most of those kind of films never received well in the past, says the history. I don't know this film met with any kind of controversy, but all I know is it brought in a wrong religion to tell the story.

I'm not against such kind of concept. But this film was one of those annoying one. It's neither preaching religious nor against. That does not mean a well balanced narration. No, it's not. If you are a believer, you might think it is making some false claims. If you are a nonbeliever, that's a test for your temper. There are many scenes where it could have taken a turn like a normal clichéd film does, but it did not go those ways. Just headed randomly, dragged the runtime of the film to nearly two hours.

The story follows the high school boy Venya, who recently have started to read the Bible. Living with his mother, they have never into the religious stuff. Now he thinks he found his belief, but that does not it, he begins to impact everyone, everything around him. Because of him the school loses its privileges in many sectors. Suddenly he becomes a villain to many eyes, but there's one big backing for him all the way. Then the rivalry between him and the biology teacher heats up. How far it goes and how it all ends told in the remaining parts.

❝I wish he collected stamps or jerked off all the time.❞

Venya's belief in the 2000 year old book reminded me a real person in my life. He almost trusts everything he reads from the books, which were printed decades ago. The science is updated every day. When a book got printed and in the meantime to reach the people, a new theories have already been proved. That's what I argue with him all the time that he's late and learnt old ones. Two millenniums ago, there was no democracy. This religious book made people to follow uniform rules around the world. Now the time is different, where these old texts do not make logic, excluding the moral values it teaches us. So, like saying, don't believe in everything you read is perfectly aplpies here.

The film was adapted from a German play. The entire film shot in a month of time. Most of the cast were first time in front of the camera. There's no complaint about the filmmaking. From cinematography to acting, dialogues, direction, music, all were top class. But you know, the story had not compromised in any one particular path among the two topics it dealt with. Like it keeps poking in the viewer's eyes by not giving what they want. That makes it a one time watchable film. Because, for such storyline and its such ending, who would go back for a second view.

I have waited till the final for some real twist in the tale! It did come, but totally disappointed the way it went on to conclude. But there were a few sub-topics like gay, (school) politics et cetera. Remember, it is a Russian film where the filmmakers have so many restrictions to use the contents. So I understand the way the film had been made. Even though, just an above average film in my opinion. Definitely it is not a bad film. You could like it better than me, but I'm not sure of that. At least it was unique, and what most of the modern Russian films dared to expose the social issues the nation is facing. I won't favour it, but you should not ignore it too. Do some research on it and decide yourself to try it.